Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mr. Heisman isn't Perfect

Attention ladies and gentlemen, we have found Johnny Manziel's weakness! He is an awful bowler!

Johnny's girlfriend, Sarah Savage, a fellow Aggie and part-time model, recently unprotected her Twitter account which revealed the Heisman winners poor performance at the bowling alley back in June. Sarah shared her excitement for beating Johnny Football in her first tweet from the bowling outing followed by a tweet with the picture below of the bowling scoreboard.

Johnny Football has at least another year of college football, but if he goes on to the NFL he should probably invest in a home bowling alley with his first big pay check. Based on score above, he could use the practice! 

This news was first reported by Busted Coverage.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Final Four..BreakDown

So the Final Four is set for Indy this weekend. That's great but who should you place your life savings or college funds on? Well, the Double Deuce is here to help with the most in-depth coverage you can expect from a college student with an absurd amount of time on his hands. Furthermore, I have studied game films, reports on all four teams, and everything else you can imagine. By "study" and "expert" I mean having done no research at all and just picking what schools have the hottest girls. This is science people and you can't deny scientific fact. So let's get started.


OK both schools have abbreviated names. So if I wasn't the expert I am I would have to pick the shorter of the two names (LSU for the people reading this that are blind). But since I do have a robust source of knowledge when it comes to picking the Final Four here are my lock picks. First we must look at the location of both schools. UCLA is located in Los Angeles which definitely has it's advantages over LSU, especially after Hurricane Katrina. Now let's look at the women of bothcampuses. UCLA is known for their hot blondes with long legs and beautiful breasts. It's scientific fact that all the women that attend UCLA could pose in Playboy. They walk around campus in string bikinis and drink till they blackout at Frat Parties. LSU on the other hand really doesn't have much to work with. It rains alot which you would think would make the girls run wild and wet around campus, but it doesn't, trust me. I know, I know, you'd think that they would have something, being from the south and all but they don't. LSU girls wear baggy jeans and flannel shirts and that doesn't help you win basketball games. LSU girls know how to party but they also know how to eat and we don't want girls that can out eat us. In addition to the hot girl ratio being at an all time low at LSU, most of the hottest girls on campus transferred after Hurricane Katrina hit the south. The migration of the hot girls from LSU was tracked by such media outlets like NBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. The pattern shows the girls from LSU migrating northwest towards UCLA. Who needs to score points in a stupid basketball game when your campus is crawling with hot girls. Hey the guys on the basketball team are probably upset that they are still playing instead of being back on campus with the hotties of UCLA. Hot girls make you better at life in general, and they make you win basketball games, forget LSU. It's SCIENCE!

The Flood Gates Could Open Up...No Pun Intended...UCLA WINS

Florida v George Mason (who?)

This game could get as ugly as the girls at George Mason. Yes, you may be asking the same thing as I was when they beat UConn, are there any hot girls at George Mason? Probably Not in fact I know there isn't. Florida girls are tan and beautiful; they walk to class with barely any clothes on. George Mason girls carry mase in their purses and might be carrying a piece. Snow falls in Washington DC, so the girls bundle up when walking to class, that isn't hot, it just makes you hot. Furthermore, sun is a rarity during the winter in DC and who wants to look at girls that look like ghosts, not me. I know there isn't one hot girl and if anyone can prove me wrong send me an email with a picture. As for Florida, they have perhaps the hottest girls in the nation. Jenn Sterger (if you don't know who she is google her and then ask her to be your friend on facebook) goes to Florida State, which proves that hot girls flock to the state of Florida. The weather is hot and humid. Washington D.C. just has murder and that doesn't make the girls take their clothes off and show their tan. Although snow does give them the "Snow Bunny" advantage. I just can't seem them beating the hotness of the Florida Girls. The girls of GM just remind me of bad Mexican food that comes out the next day. While Florida Girls are the Crystal of Champagne.

Helen Keller could pick this.....FLORIDA in a landslide.

Encore...Not Just an Eminem CD Title.

Over at [The Wizard of Odds] they have gotten their hands on a print of the new 2006 football schedule for USC. The theme is "ENCORE," which makes me wonder, Encore to what? Encore to biggest defensive letdown of the team the past 3 years? Encore to allowing Vince Young to look like a man among boys. Encore to Reggie Bush throwing a lateral like it is pee-wee football? Encore to Petey C. being out coached? Encore to losing your top three players and being left with nobody to quarterback the team? Encore to most likely not even being in the top 10 preseason poll? Good luck with your 2006 campaign and what an encore it will be!